About the Author


Faye Roots lives with her husband in the quiet rural area of Wolvi near Gympie in Queensland, Australia. They have three children and four grandchildren.

Faye has always loved to write and has been successful in the publication of short stories and morning devotionals. She won an essay competition when she was twelve and had winning entries in several short story competitions. Beyond the Ashes was her first novel. “It was an absolute labour of love—the people, though entirely fictitious—were real to me and their story needed to be told.’

Marranga-Limga was birthed from rich appreciation of local history, “A desire to weave this background into a fiction story became a challenge hastened by a health issue in late 2014!”

Faye’s desire was to make the early history of Gympie come alive through the lives of characters coming from vastly different backgrounds, showing a positive ongoing promise for the future.

This is the promise of Marranga-Limga.